2022 Impact Award Recipients

A yellow, gray and blue banner reading "Announcing the 2022 Impact Awards"

UNC-Chapel Hill’s Graduate School has named 11 graduate students as recipients of its 2022 Impact Awards. The Impact Awards are made possible by the Graduate Education Advancement Board, which showcases graduate students and recent graduate alumni whose research contributes to the educational, economic, physical, social or cultural well-being of North Carolina communities and its residents.

The 11 students, whose research interests range from car crash risk to the migration of fish, come from many areas of campus. They all have one thing in common: a commitment to service and to improving the lives of North Carolinians.

More than 300 individuals have received Impact Awards since their inception.

“Our graduate students continue to demonstrate the ways in which their research directly affects the lives of North Carolinians, which provide us with hope and a vision for the future,” said Suzanne Barbour, dean of The Graduate School. “I have every confidence that the graduate students who receive Impact Awards drive change in our communities and beyond, and that’s worth celebrating.”

Find out who this year’s recipients are and what they did…

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