A 360-degree serenade

When first-year student Barry Saunders stepped on campus in the fall of 1977, he wanted the chance the sing harmonies. The music department didn’t offer exactly what he was looking for so he formed the Clef Hangers, Carolina’s oldest a cappella group. In the spring of 1978, The Daily Tar Heel wrote of the group: “More unpredictable than a Glee Club yet larger than a quartet, the Clef Hangers are cast vaguely in the mold of tradition-venerated campus groups like the Yale Whiffenpoofs and the Princeton Nassoons.”

Nearly 40 years and 17 albums later, the Clef Hangers carry on Saunders’ vision delighting crowds with their renditions of contemporary and classic tunes, including James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind.”

Experience this 360-degree serenade and relive your Carolina Stories of the Clef Hangers.

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