A first-of-its-kind health humanities lab

“Our goal is to learn as much as we can and to tell important stories with the end game
always to expand human understanding and, if possible, palliate human suffering.” -Jane Thrailkill, UNC English professor

The word “lab” often conjures images of test tubes and scientific equipment, but the Health and Humanities: An Interdisciplinary Venue for Exploration (HHIVE) lab is helping to expand that view—while bringing together health and the humanities.

HHIVE, co-founded by English faculty members Jane Thrailkill and Jordynn Jack in 2015, provides students interested in health humanities the opportunity to participate in research and outreach projects at the intersection of the arts and sciences. Could a diabetic writing about their condition help improve their blood sugar levels? HHIVE asks these kinds of questions and is one of the first research-based health humanities labs in the country.

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Jane Thrailkill is the Bowman and Gordon Gray Associate Professor of English in the College of Arts & Sciences.

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