A Healthier State

We serve the people of North Carolina by providing access to NC Health Info (NCHI), the Health Sciences Library’s consumer health website, an online guide to resources on quality health and medical information tailored to meet the health information needs of North Carolinians. NCHI provides access to reliable, easy-to-use information about health insurance, choosing a doctor or health care service, health care policy and more in order to help citizens become informed patients. NCHI also links to curated information on frequently diagnosed health conditions, mental health disorders, drugs and pharmaceuticals, and treatments and procedures. The Providers & Services section enables consumers to learn about the specific kinds of providers that might make up their health care team, as well as information on local services, programs and support groups that can help them manage their condition. NCHI is maintained with the help of 20+ subject specialists located across North Carolina, all of whom volunteer their time and expertise to ensure NCHI remains the premier resource for North Carolinians on consumer health.

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