A Life Preserver for the Digital Deluge

The digital age is producing more data and information than ever, with both positive and negative effects. The UNC School of Information and Library Science is working to ensure the positive outweighs the negative by educating future keepers and disseminators of information, developing tools and processes to assist current professionals, and conducting research on the impact of data and algorithmic-driven systems.

Helen Tibbo

Alumni Distinguished Professor Helen Tibbo spearheaded the Research and Data Science MOOC, helping researchers and librarians grappling with new federal guidelines for research funding. She also pioneered the Professional Science Master’s in Digital Curation degree, which will enable professionals to learn how to handle digital assets for their businesses.

Arcot Rajasekar

Professor Arcot Rajasekar, a pioneer of data grid middleware systems development, is leading a Smart and Connected Communities initiative that will use data to promote sustainable social and economic development, improving communities throughout North Carolina in the areas of energy, water, food and more.

Zeynep Tufekci

Associate Professor Zeynep Tufekci is studying the implications of behavioral big data and the associated algorithms and analytics applied to civics, society and privacy. This complements and expands her previous work on how social media affects social movements. News outlets from around the world often turn to her for expert commentary. These include The New York Times, where she is a contributing op-ed writer.

Cal Lee

Professor Cal Lee’s BitCurator project created and continues to evolve open-access software and workflows for archives handling born digital materials, such as computer files and emails. The work will not only help the archives preserve such materials, but it will also improve access for researchers and members of the public.

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