A Morehead-Cain Scholar gives Back

“For me, it’s really about community—giving of your time, skills and resources, making something you love bigger and better.” —Lisa Gillespie

Earning multiple degrees at Carolina helped set Lisa Gillespie on the road to success as the chief medical officer of Georgia’s Rockdale Medical Center. And she gives back to the University of North Carolina in several ways. Gillespie earned a Morehead-Cain Scholarship to attend Carolina, and during her years in medical school, she volunteered at a student-run clinic that served patients in rural areas. Years later, she founded a free clinic in Conyers, Georgia for patients who can’t afford other medical care.

Gillespie considers her experience at Carolina, “foundational, and continues, “I would have come to Carolina anyway, but getting the Morehead-Cain allowed me to graduate debt-free, and also offered numerous opportunities that I could have only imagined,” she said.

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