A Place to Be Themselves

Although Josiah Evans ’18 is self-driven, he’s grateful for the Carolina Mxle Scholars Program, which works with underrepresented males to foster a greater sense of belonging among them while addressing their graduation rates.

Monthly, about 50 students take advantage of Carolina Mxle Scholars, formerly called Men of Color Engagement, said Dr. Marcus L. Collins, associate dean. Carolina Male Scholars is housed in the Center for Student Success and Academic Counseling. Carolina’s targeted underrepresented, undergraduate men of color population is approximately 1,100.

“When students stop by they’re looking for a space to be by themselves and check in on whatever’s most pressing for them,” Collins said. “Classes, family, high impact opportunities and finances tend to be the most prominent themes. The single most important thing we attempt to do is clearly hear each young man regarding what’s currently going on and … link him to resources and solve the issue.”

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