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The Writing and Learning Center provides personalized academic coaching and resources to help students succeed. Programs include both writing and academic coaching, peer tutoring, study groups, test prep, online resources, English language support and more. On its oft-visited website, the center offers advice on common writing and studying challenges, such as thesis statements, the use of passive voice and how to deal with procrastination.

Private support for the Writing and Learning Center during the Campaign for Carolina has the potential to impact every student. Donors during the campaign laid the groundwork to relocate the center from the southern end of UNC’s campus to the centrally located Robert B. House Undergraduate Library.

“The Writing and Learning Center provides personalized academic support that matches the rigor of UNC, and we seek to meet students where they are,” said Kim Abels, director of the Writing and Learning Center. “We are grateful to the library for this partnership, which will give students access to services in one convenient spot.”

Mike and Laura Grace gave the first gift to set up a relocation fund in 2018. The Graces became acquainted with the center during their son Patrick’s first-year orientation. Patrick graduated in 2019, but Laura Grace continues to serve on the center’s advisory board.

“A large population of UNC students, no matter their major or level of academic performance, uses these services,” she said in 2019. “We’re in a diverse learning and cultural environment, and there’s nothing more important than improving how we communicate, being open to others and appreciating our strengths and weaknesses.”

Michael Stutts ’02, a donor and member of the center’s advisory board, has also supported the relocation fund and is dedicated to building awareness of the center’s comprehensive services.

“I want every student who goes to UNC to get the same enriching experience that I did,” he said. “I’m passionate about creating that boost for people who need it.”

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