A State of Action

Edward Kidder Graham, the University’s 10th president, once said that the boundaries of our university mirror the boundaries of our state. Few entities epitomize that idea more than the UNC School of Government. Our School maintains a strong presence in all North Carolina’s 100 counties and 552 municipalities as we help local officials find solutions to challenging issues and facilitate public efforts that improve the lives of North Carolinians. From our smallest local governments to the General Assembly, the breadth and depth of our work is essential to public officials’ ability to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

We began this public commitment in 1931 as the Institute of Government and as part of the University in 1942. Steadfast in our values of neutrality and nonpartisanship, we remain true to our founding principles and have established a legacy of trust among public servants, officials, and leaders, regardless of political affiliation. Local government leaders and the North Carolina judiciary rely daily on our expertise.

As we work to expand and amplify our offerings, we continually strive to do more. We’ve developed innovative ways of giving smaller communities affordable access to our resources. We’ve added and restructured programs to reach broader audiences and those at various levels of leadership. We’ve reached deeper into distressed and redeveloping communities through programs that foster public-private partnerships. With roots entrenched in the public mission of our university, and driven by the needs of our local communities, our research, scholarship, and service lead to pragmatic results, informed decision-making, and reliable leaders—in every pocket of North Carolina and beyond.

Our commitment and unique ability to serve North Carolina distinguishes the UNC School of Government from other schools. And just as the impact of our work is felt from the smallest communities to a global scale, every bit of your support can have an exponential impact on us all.

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