Active Learning, Proactive Leading

We create innovations. We lead the learning experience by engaging all aspects of the educational continuum. We deliver new technologies to departments and faculty to ensure students benefit from them in the classroom. We engage with students and faculty in all disciplines to guide, create and transform their work, as well as extend their knowledge and support beyond the physical library.

3D scanning, printing, sewing, textiles, metals, soldering, carpentry—they can all be found at our MakerSpaces. They encourage thinking through design, hands-on learning and experimentation. Students can collaborate, create, build and make ideas come to life. Out of MakerSpaces could come a new, easy-to-use joystick to navigate a wheelchair, or a new medium that makes theatrical masks even more elaborate. Imagination fuels these spaces as they constantly advance the library’s mission to implement the newest technology on behalf of the entire Carolina community.

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