All Careers Are Global

Traditional business education prepares students for predictable careers. But tomorrow’s leaders must be prepared for anything — to discover opportunities and innovate solutions wherever in the world their careers may take them. In the complex world of global business, understanding the nuances of individual markets is key to making a difference where others may have failed. To help our students lead and innovate on a global scale, we link the best and brightest minds on our campus with their peers all over the world. More than one-third of our faculty hail from outside the U.S., representing 20 different countries. And many of our faculty from America have widespread international experience, speak multiple languages and are continually engaged in international business research projects.

“Because all careers are global,” said Dean Shackelford, “we developed the Global Education Initiative, which is a game-changer for business education. It’s a strategic framework to deliver Global Education 2.0 — with students mastering specific global competencies inside and outside of class.”

To help with this endeavor, we asked business leaders, recruiters, faculty and alumni to tell us what firms look for and what graduates need to know. They identified four critical areas of global business competency: Attitude, Skills, Knowledge and Business Practices. Applying these insights, our Global Education Initiative measures global business competencies and gives our students a unique competitive edge when they step onto the world stage.

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