An Opportunity to Grow

Carolina Blue Sky Scholar Lamin Saidy poses with arms crossed facing the camera under a portico

A first-generation college student from Eden, North Carolina, Lamin Saidy ’26 is only a sophomore, but he already is making the most of his time at Carolina. An Honors Carolina student, Saidy is majoring in biology and fulfilling pre-med requirements while diving into student life as a member of the Black Student Movement, the Organization for Students’ Interests and Solidarity, and the Carolina Cancer Association.

“The classes, the hobbies, meeting new people, opportunities you have to see things from a new perspective — you have so many different opportunities and so many different people in this one place,” Saidy said. “Everything at Carolina gives you an opportunity to grow.”

For Saidy, the Blue Sky Scholars Program has helped him take full advantage of campus life. “Getting into college was my second biggest problem in high school,” Saidy said. “The biggest problem was how to pay for it. Having that scholarship money is security and comfort and less worry. I can focus more on being a student.”

Ever since his mother, a certified nurse assistant, underwent open heart surgery when Saidy was younger, he’s wanted to become a cardiologist. He’s prepared for the rigorous academic demands that come with being a pre-med student but also wants to make sure he is having an impact at Carolina beyond the classroom.

“I want to take full advantage of what I have here, and also help others, especially for Blue Sky Scholars coming into Carolina,” said Saidy. “I want to be a person they can go to and get help to put themselves in the right direction.”

Written by Drew Guiteras ’00
Photo by Jen Hughey

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