Beautiful Times with Generous People

UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy alumna Amy Greeson ’90, R.Ph., began traveling to jungles after graduating from pharmacy school. 

She estimates that she’s now explored about 15 different forests and jungles to expand her views on pharmacy. She became interested in discovering plants that had yet to be researched for medicinal purposes, especially before they were possibly destroyed due to deforestation. Greeson said she discovers much more than the healing plants she expects to find in these journeys; she comes to a deeper realization of the critical significance of every life form on Earth.

“I have had some of the most beautiful times with some of the kindest, generous people. We don’t speak the same language, we don’t look alike, but it’s about getting to know them,” Greeson said.

Her advice to pharmacy students is to dream big. “You have a pharmacy degree; there are no boundaries. You can expand into incredible realms.”

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