Boosting Digital Literacy

Media center

“Whether it’s curricular, extracurricular or personal and creative, we’re here to support the Carolina community,” said Winifred Metz, media librarian and the head of University Libraries’ new Media Design Center (MDC) at Carolina.

The Media Design Center became official in January 2021 and encompasses both the Media Resources Center and the Digital Design Lab. The MDC aims to meet the needs of as many departments on campus as possible by consulting directly with faculty and instructors about how to use film and media technologies in the classroom. 

“One of the things that I think is so important about the work we do and the services we provide at the MDC is that we’re helping people learn or hone visual and digital communication skills, which are increasingly needed in so many fields,” said Metz.

Through the MDC, the Carolina community will gain a better understanding of tools that enhance learning across campus and beyond.

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