Carolina is Family

Danny Green playing at Carolina

Photo by Peyton Williams

Danny Green ’09 is more than one of Carolina’s legendary basketball players — he is a true Tar Heel.

“It’s in my blood,” said Green. “I was a fan before I ever got there. And when I got there, I knew it was an honor to be part of it.”

Still strongly connected to his time at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Green was moved by the recent video in which Roy and Wanda Williams described their love for the University. Watching the video reminded Green of the feeling of being able to play at Carolina and inspired him to do something to ensure that excellent players will continue to have that feeling.

“If you make it, you have a responsibility to take care of those who need help,” said Green. “It was a way to change a person’s day, and maybe even change a person’s life.”

Through Green’s commitment to donate $1 million to endow a basketball scholarship for the Tar Heels, he will do more than just change a person’s day — he will give an athlete the opportunity of a lifetime.

“If you can help people in need, especially your family, you do it,” said Green. “And Carolina is my family.”

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