Change through Music

Flutronix duo

In summer 2018, Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull (known together as Flutronix), began a two-year residency at Carolina Performing Arts (CPA) to create artwork that has ended up growing into a social movement in the Chapel Hill community.

Commissioned by CPA and supported by CPA’s Global Artistic Excellence Fund, the duo’s work, now known as Discourse, began in response to the fear, uncertainty and frustration dividing the United States. From there, Flutronix incorporated the voices and stories of the local community into the performance to create an emotionally resonant musical experience. 

The artists have worked in collaboration with the University Libraries, Community Empowerment Fund, the Marian Cheek Jackson Center and the Southern Oral History Program to make this work possible. While it was originally supposed to premiere in spring 2020, Discourse is being re-envisioned by the artists to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and will take place in early spring 2021.

Read the complete Carolina Story to get a sneak peak at the work…

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