Out of his comfort zone to help others

As a first-year student unsure of his academic path, Rye Barcott ’01 went to anthropology professor Jim Peacock in search of direction. He ended up enrolling in Peacock’s graduate-level seminar on globalization.

“He told me to give the seminar a chance, to take a risk, and it was the best advice,” Barcott said. “It taught me to get out of your comfort zone, to push yourself.”

Peacock led Barcott to Kibera — an impoverished neighborhood in Nairobi, Kenya — first as a student and later as a social entrepreneur. He pushed Barcott to do something more, to apply classroom knowledge to help others.

From that experience came Carolina for Kibera, a non-governmental organization that supports community-led development in the neighborhood which continues today.

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