Communicating a Unique Perspective

Amari Pollard

Amari Pollard, Roy H. Park Fellow master’s candidate at UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media brings a unique array of perspectives to the table.

Pollard’s background encompasses knowledge of the sport of lacrosse, content creation in today’s media landscape and what it’s like to be a Black woman moving through majority white spaces. Through ESPN’s new halftime spot on the ACC Network and ESPNU’s “Sound On with Tari and Mari,” Pollard and co-host Tari Kandemiri are able to combine these knowledge areas together to bring humor, honesty and new point of view to the sport.

As noted by ESPN’s women’s lacrosse coverage director in a recent news story, “the perspectives [Pollard and Kandemiri] bring to the conversation are incredible. They provide a fresh, passionate and important viewpoint that’s long overdue within our coverage.”

Read the complete Carolina Story to learn more about Pollard and this unique podcast…

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