Creating a home at Carolina

A diploma from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is more than just a piece of paper. It means something different for everybody.

For Malikiya Hinds, a McNair scholar, her Carolina diploma is proof of her resiliency and a reminder that she was strong enough to leave her home country on her own and excel, to overcome a disability and find a way to conduct research, and to enroll in some of the University’s most daunting courses and earn honors.

“The degree for me represents all these years of hard work, all these tears that I’ve cried while transitioning to life in the States,” said Hinds, who majored in chemistry and minored in biology and Spanish. “Getting this degree represents that I was able to overcome anything that could have stopped me.”

Though her graduation ceremony has been postponed, Hinds is among the more than 4,000 students who earned their degrees in May 2020 and are beginning the next chapter of their lives.

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