Data-Driven Confidence

Data analyst at computer

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, local government and business leaders are entrusted, now more than ever, with making the best decisions they can for their communities every day.

What if community leaders could quickly access data that accurately reflects the sentiment of their citizens?

Through a new digital tool called Community Confidence, they might be able to do so. 

Thanks to the Digital Health Institute for Transformation (DHIT), a non-profit education and research institute that’s partnered with Innovate Carolina and the Institute for Convergent Science at Carolina, Community Confidence will help government and business leaders across Carolina make decisions that will benefit their communities. 

“This tool offers the best insight you can have as a county leader and a decision maker,” said Michael Levy, chief executive officer of DHIT. “It takes into context community preferences to produce highly digestible and easy-to-understand weekly insight reports. The reports help leaders understand the health of their communities from a health care and economic perspective, allowing for objective and data-driven discussions.”

Read the complete Carolina Story to learn about this innovative and collaborative new tool…

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