Deepening our Roots, Extending our Reach

Botany, one of the oldest natural sciences, continues to break new ground. Each year, approximately 2,000 new plant species are discovered and classified.

At our internationally renowned Herbarium, researchers are continually investigating new species and expanding our understanding of biodiversity and how it affects every aspect of daily life—from health and recreation to economic issues and governmental policy.

Through the Botanical Capacity Initiative, we are casting our view even further, to encompass issues of global concern—from climate change, sustainability and food security to the conservation of ecosystems and the preservation of species. As part of the initiative, we are marshaling resources from across the University by coordinating existing collections, expanding research programs and increasing funding efforts. We continue to provide courses and research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students and forge partnerships with other research and educational institutions. As a leading center of botanical science, we will answer the call to address some of the greatest environmental challenges of our time.

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