Entrepreneurial Engineering

Charlotte Dorn stands on the coast wearing a UNC hatCharlotte Dorn ’23 has big plans that will take her to the opposite side of the world after she graduates this spring.

A recipient of the Morehead-Cain Scholarship, among the most prestigious merit scholarships in the country, Dorn is earning a degree in computer science and a minor in applied sciences and engineering (APSE) through the Department of Applied Physical Sciences. This summer, she will travel to New Zealand to begin her career as a research and development (R&D) engineer at Halter, a cattle technology company where she previously interned as a data scientist.

“R&D allows me to experiment, learn and address problems that haven’t been solved before,” Dorn said. “I hope my work at Halter will yield positive changes in how land is used for agriculture.”

Dorn initially pursued the APSE minor because of her passion for applying technology to solve real problems.

“I chose computer science as my major but was still looking for a way to engage with the problem-solving associated with engineering,” she explained.

The APSE minor offers an effective approach to problem-solving, integrating technical skills with an entrepreneurial mindset to address challenges. Engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset approach problem-solving with curiosity to identify unexpected opportunities and make connections with knowledge across disciplines. This approach adds value to any problem-solving approach and generates improved solutions.

“If you are interested in the physical applications of software, including environmental applications, autonomous vehicles, wearable technology or biomedical technology, you should definitely consider the APSE minor,” she advised. “Choose courses that speak to your interests, focus on skills you want to hone and create your own student journey to reach your career goals.”

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