Establishing the Barbara Hanna Wasik Distinguished Lecture

Early in her career as a clinical psychologist, Barbara Wasik, Ph.D., noticed how engaging with other professionals opened her mind to new and different ideas. These opportunities inspired a lifetime of learning that she continues to pay forward for others.

“I personally benefited from meeting professionals who motivated and challenged me to expand my work,” said Wasik, a longtime researcher with the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute and William R. Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Professor emerita at the UNC School of Education.

“Knowing the positive influence these occasions had for me has led me to make similar opportunities available for others at FPG and on UNC’s campus.”

With a generous gift to FPG, Wasik has established the Barbara Hanna Wasik Distinguished Lecture. Through this lecture, FPG will invite a professional in the field to stimulate discussion on topics focused on assessment and intervention procedures for children and families. Wasik’s vision for this lecture is to bring together faculty, students and researchers from across Carolina’s campus and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations that will generate new ideas for exploration.

“Inviting someone to campus means we take the time to engage with them. These discussions can challenge us and lead us to consider different research topics and theoretical approaches,” said Wasik.

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