Ever Ready

“After I get through with football, I want to be a coach,” Trubisky says. “Running the meetings was a good stepping stone. It’s a great test of how well you know the offense when you have to teach it to someone else.”

Mitch Trubisky had yet to start a single football game for the Tar Heels, had yet to carry the mantle as the Tar Heels’ No. 1 quarterback back in January of 2016 when he gathered with the team’s quarterbacks as spring semester opened in Chapel Hill. The coaching staff was on the road recruiting, so Trubisky was in charge of running regular skill sessions.

Trubisky took control of the video, began queuing up tape from various Carolina games the previous year.

He knew the offense in and out because he knew how to work hard. He had a plan for himself. Ultimately, that plan is to coach, to teach others a game he’s studied his entire life. But that plan won’t fully be realized just yet. The Chicago Bears drafted him No. 2 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft, making him the only UNC quarterback taken in the draft’s first round.

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