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At the Institute for Marine Sciences in Morehead City, he’s the steadying force that keeps mechanical systems shipshape and boats at the ready, even captaining the 48-foot research vessel Capricorn with Carolina students aboard and advising them on what to expect their first time on the Atlantic Ocean. The scientists, staff and students with whom Stacy Davis works know he is someone special.

Davis spent nine years with the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries as a boat and vehicle mechanic. In 1996, he joined the institute, part of the College of Arts & Sciences’ earth, marine and environmental sciences department, as a mechanic and back-up research vessel captain. In 2011, he became facilities manager.

With over 100 nominations, Davis was recognized this year with a 2022 C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Award.

“It is well known around IMS that if you can describe it, Stacy can build it. If you can break it, Stacy can fix it,” a colleague wrote.

“We are what we are, a top-rated, globally recognized marine facility and resource, in very large part because of what Stacy has done to ensure our high level of productivity and quality of research,” wrote one another nominator.

Davis returns the praise. “It’s a joy to work with faculty and students and to have knowledgeable and supportive staff that treat you like family,” he said. “I’m honored to be a part of something so great and that so many folks feel confident in me.”

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