For the love of Chapel Hill

“If you love your town—and I really do love this town—being a public servant for your home is an assignment that’s hard to beat.”

When Chapel Hill police chief Chris Blue graduated from Carolina in 1990 with a degree in radio, television and motion pictures, his classmates were moving off to major media markets. Blue was realizing couldn’t leave home. He worked in sales and took a second job at a restaurant. After a night of watching the television show COPS with a coworker, he applied to the Chapel Hill Police Department. It took two years for him to be hired, which made him determined to be the department’s hardest worker. Thirteen years later, Blue became police chief for the town he loves so much.

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Blue completed the UNC School of Government’s flagship Municipal and County Administration course, which helps North Carolina’s public officials learn about all of the functions of local government beyond their own specialties. More than 5,000 officials have graduated from the course since 1954, and many of today’s students attend thanks to a Local Government Federal Credit Union scholarship.

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