Giving to the Future

Rams Club members are dedicated to assuring that new generations will enjoy the same athletic and educational opportunities as past Tar Heels, and to providing the support to help them achieve their goals. Often, firsthand experience inspires our members to give back.

A Carolina scholarship offers more than an opportunity to reach personal and professional goals; it confers a responsibility to help others do the same. National Football Foundation College Football Hall of Fame member and former scholarship recipient William Fuller ’86 exemplifies this mentality, as he combined his success in business with a dedication to philanthropy. Not only has he helped raise millions of dollars for charities such as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, he was so grateful for the opportunity to play at Carolina that he endowed a scholarship to help future Tar Heel student-athletes follow in his footsteps.

The scholarship brought defensive tackle Aaron Crawford to Carolina in 2016. “I’m so thankful to The Rams Club and the William Fuller Scholarship for allowing me the opportunity to receive an outstanding education and pursue my dreams on the football field,” he said. “The opportunity to represent this university, while also working toward my ultimate goal of playing in the NFL, means so much to me.  It’s a dream come true and I’m working hard every day to achieve my goals.”