Honoring Family and Supporting Community

The Alphin Brothers

“Carolina’s been good to us — there’s no question about that,” said Oliver “Al” Alphin `58 of Durham, North Carolina.

Education was extremely important to the Alphin family of 12 , which led Al and three of his brothers to leave their home in Duplin County and attend Carolina.

Al recently established his third scholarship at Carolina — the William Jackson “Jack” Alphin and Linda Best Alphin Scholarship Fund — in honor of his younger brother, Jack Alphin `63, and sister-in-law, Linda Best Alphin, of Raleigh, North Carolina. The purpose of Al’s contributions to Carolina is not only to pay tribute to the achievements of Al’s family members, but also to provide the means for North Carolinians like Al and his siblings to have the opportunity to experience higher education.

“I’m proud of Al for wanting to give this scholarship,” said Al’s brother, Jack. “It means a lot to me. Our parents always stressed education. They had the foresight even back in the early 1900s to recognize the importance of higher education. So, we want to keep on doing that for our family and for others.”

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