Immediate Action, Lifelong Impact

When Sylvia Pope’s husband had a severe stroke, her quick thinking and UNC Medicine’s treatment saved his life. When Patrick Pope was rushed to a local hospital, his medical providers called our Transfer Center, a service for medical professionals treating complex patient scenarios in under-served areas. David Huang, M.D., Ph.D., director of the UNC Comprehensive Stroke Center, guided local physicians to administer Tissue Plasminogen Activator (TPA) within three hours of his stroke, improving blood flow and setting the stage for recovery. Pope was flown to UNC Medical Center, where it was discovered that he still had a blood clot in one of his major brain vessels. He underwent a life-saving thrombectomy procedure to remove the remaining blood clot.

Patrick Pope is one of many North Carolinians whose life was saved by our Comprehensive Stroke Center. We offer 24/7 acute stroke care and state-of-the-art, live-saving procedures such as TPA, thrombectomy and surgeries to treat hemorrhages and brain aneurysms.


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