Implementing tools for success

A former Carolina and pro linebacker, Dwight Hollier is ensuring student-athletes have tools for success while working remotely.

He oversees the sports medicine, strength and conditioning, nutrition and sports psychology teams, and works closely with all of the other units to ensure student-athletes have the resources they need to be successful. That overarching goal has not changed since the switch to remote work, but like most areas of campus, he is now implementing different ways to deliver those resources and connect with students.

“By continuing to communicate with our student-athletes and make sure they have the support they need, and by supporting our staff which is working so hard to do the same, my goal is to do all I can to set our students up for success,” said Hollier.

The sports psychology team practices telehealth for vulnerable student-athletes or those who may be experiencing anxiety. The nutrition staff is trying to help them make healthy choices during a time where it’s easy to fall into bad habits. 

“There are a number of apps and resources available to help student-athletes manage their situations, so we are also making sure to connect them with all the resources available.”

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