Keeping it going

“A great career isn’t just all one person. Somebody did something to get you on your road, and I think he felt strongly about that. If you’re successful, you thank those people who helped you be a success. You keep [it] going.” –Sally Murray, widow of Grover Elmer Murray Jr.

Growing up in rural Newton, North Carolina, during the Great Depression, the late Grover Elmer Murray Jr. understood what it was like to be a student in need—and in a time when financial aid and student loans didn’t exist. He came to UNC with $100 in his pocket and worked his way to a geology degree in 1937.

That experience inspired him to help students like himself. Since 1995, the Dr. Grover Elmer Murray Jr. Field Camp Scholarship has supported nearly a dozen undergraduate students in the geological sciences department attending field camp, an intensive outdoor course that gives students the opportunity to use their classroom training to solve geological problems in the field.

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