Launching into the Future

Launch Chapel Hill.

Having accelerated 136 companies since 2013, Launch Chapel Hill is a hub for entrepreneurial success within the Carolina community.

Launch Chapel Hill is an award-winning startup accelerator created via a partnership between Carolina, the Town of Chapel Hill and Orange County. Through Innovate Carolina, a University-wide initiative for innovation and entrepreneurship that manages the accelerator and workspace with town and county, Launch Chapel Hill has recently received a $230,000 gift for programming expansion. This gift from Lee-Moore Capital will bring more access to accelerator programming, venture-based consulting, investor networks, entrepreneurial mentors and innovation workspaces to the downtown startup community. 

“We are dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial development in communities around the state, connecting those communities to future development areas and supporting programming that retains entrepreneurial workers in North Carolina,” said Kirk J. Bradley, CEO and president of Lee-Moore Capital. “By providing Innovate Carolina and Launch Chapel Hill with this donation, we are enthusiastic about making a positive difference for local startups and economic development in the region.”

This generous gift will have substantial impact on startups within the Carolina community, especially given the effects of the current pandemic on local businesses.

“This investment by Lee-Moore Capital will help us drive economic growth together, assist entrepreneurs as they emerge from the economic crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and give people at Carolina and in our community new ways to turn their inventive ideas into companies that generate jobs and revenue,” said Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz.

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