Leading the Way in Autism

“I think early identification and intervention are critical. Parents often spend years between the time when they become concerned something is not quite right with their child and when they get appropriate intervention and support. Often services don’t do enough to support parents through this process as they go from one provider to another. We focus a lot at TEACCH on exactly that—supporting parents and educating parents—and are studying how best to focus on both child skills and parent well-being. The more parents understand autism and how it affects their child, the better.” — Lauren Turner-Brown, Assistant Director, TEACCH Autism Program, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The UNC Chapel Hill-based TEACCH was founded by Dr. Eric Schopler in 1972 and has become a model for other autism programs around the world. Dr. Turner-Brown is one of leading researchers in world’s fight to help people with autism.

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