Look to the Stars

Behind every star we see in the night sky is a history. The stars have been a wayfinding system for ancient mariners, a source of light and solace, and the inspiration for storied legends and myths from past civilizations. The night sky has much to teach us beyond astronomy; it can lend perspective on how early humans grappled with a universe beyond their comprehension – but not necessarily their imaginations.

Our popular Skywatching program brings together young and old to learn about and observe stars, planets and other celestial objects visible in the night. Morehead educators and members of the Chapel Hill Astronomical & Observational Society provide telescopes and guide the public in observation of celestial objects, weaving together astronomical history, lore and science in an ever-changing, awesome show put on by the natural world. In August literally thousands of people have been known to gather at Jordan Lake to view the annual Perseid meteor shower. Like the star-studded sky on a clear night, Morehead is a beacon to a region whose love of astronomy is derived in no small way from this institution’s generous past and present. Join us in making sure the same will be true for next generation.

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