Love blooms on a networking trip

“While I was a senior at Carolina, I applied for a small travel grant (a “Curtis Award”) through what then was known as the School of Journalism and Mass Communication because I wanted to attend a networking trip to Chicago during fall break. I got the grant — and along with it, a bit more. On that trip, I became friends with another J-School senior, Robby Marshall, who had transferred to Carolina from Oregon State University, near his hometown of Bend, Oregon. Thanks to that trip, we’ve now been friends for 10 years and have recently decided to get married. Carolina is filled with stories of opportunity granted by private giving, but I will soon owe my marriage in part to the generosity of Don and Barbara Curtis. For that, I am extremely grateful.” —Meg Petersen ’07

This is story number 29 in the Carolina Stories 225th Anniversary Edition magazine.

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