Lucky Us

“Maybe you drove across the country to be in Phoenix. Maybe you just walked across town to be on Franklin Street. Whatever you did, Tar Heel basketball did that for you, and the only repayment it requires is shouting ‘Priceless gem’ at the right moment during the alma mater and maybe showing off a sweet dance move during ‘Jump Around.’

Every time you walk into the Smith Center and see that 2017 banner swaying from the ceiling…uh, the roof…well, let’s just go with the rafters—every time you see that 2017 banner swaying from the rafters, you’re going to remember those gloriously gut-twisting moments from Monday.

We get to enjoy this one, buy the t-shirts, and then come back next October and do it all over again. We get to meet new Tar Heels, agonize and rejoice with them, cry after heartbreaks and celebrate after wins.

We get to do Carolina basketball tonight and tomorrow and next fall and forever, and we’ll get to tell stories about this year’s Tar Heels, who may have taken years off the end of our collective lives, but it was so, so worth it. We’ll get to remember where we were and who we were with and who we hugged.

Lucky us.”

– Adam Lucas

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