Making Carolina Home for Students

Before working at Carolina, Delmazine McAdoo spent 33 years of her life working at a hosiery mill not far from Chapel Hill. She worked for barely any money for a job with no benefits. She only stayed because it was within walking distance from her house, and her sister worked there if she needed a ride. Her life changed for the better when her daughter advised her to apply for a housekeeping job at Carolina.

To Delmazine’s surprise, she got the job and now works at Connor Residence Hall. Although she was too nervous to talk to students when she started, she eventually opened up and developed a close bond with them.  Office assistant Mia Smith said “A smile in the morning. A conversation in the afternoon. It was helpful… She is a figure in my life that helped Carolina feel like home.”

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Delmazine McAdoo received the C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Award in 2017.

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