Meet Oswaldo Estrada, IAH Faculty Fellows Program Director

In July, professor of Romance Studies Oswaldo Estrada began his term as the director of the Faculty Fellows Program at the Institute for Arts & Humanities. As a three-time fellow at the institute, Estrada recognizes the importance of “the exchange of ideas” that the program offers participants.

“The process of exchanging ideas with colleagues from other fields allows you to grow as a scholar and mentor because you have to examine the same issue from new angles and other disciplines.”

In spring 2021, Estrada was an Arts & Humanities Fellow as part of the IAH Race, Memory, and Reckoning Initiative, where he worked on a book of short stories about the Latino immigration experience in North Carolina. During his fellowship, he workshopped some of his stories and received feedback from other fellows in the program, from such departments as history, archaeology and African, African American and diaspora studies.

“I’ve gotten so much from the IAH that I’m glad to be in a leadership position that allows me to give back to those who are now working on their individual research projects,” he said.

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