More RNA sequenced than any other institute in the world

“Before, there was always the promise of sequencing—that it could do this, it might reveal that. And although not all the data is analyzed yet from this effort, I think we’ve moved past the theoretical questions about what we might find, and into a much more real state of here is what the cancer genome looks like.”

Dr. D. Neil Hayes, a UNC School of Medicine associate professor, and his colleagues at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center have sequenced more than 10,000 samples of cancer tumor tissue and sequenced more RNA than any other institute in the world. That groundbreaking work continues to advance cancer genomics as part of The Cancer Genome Atlas—national, multi-year, collaborative effort to characterize the genetic changes in nearly 30 cancer types. The National Cancer Institute- and National Human Genome Research Institute-backed effort already provides a comprehensive public database accessible to cancer researchers around the world—which is expected to fuel new discoveries.

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