A New Century of Leadership

To prepare them for whatever tomorrow may bring, we’re rethinking, redefining and transforming business education.

We build upon our established strengths in teaching and research with new and original approaches to real-world and experiential learning, including an ever-growing array of cutting-edge technologies such as simulation, gamification, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. “The more we can maximize the use of technology to link intellectual experiences with emotional ones, the greater the impact on our students’ education — and their lives,” said Dean Shackelford.

One of our most exciting initiatives is using innovative technology to revolutionize learning. In March 2017, two faculty members traveled with M.B.A. student Tanyi Fuoching to his home country of Cameroon. The mission: to get footage for a groundbreaking virtual reality simulation in which students make a series of choices as part of their assignment to set up a new health-care outpost in a foreign country. Their decisions determine their level of success.

Virtual reality simulations like this one provide immersive real-life experiences that broaden students’ perspectives — without cost-prohibitive expenses.


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