From One Field To Another

Despite all his talent on the football field, Jason Brown has always wanted his legacy to extend beyond the white lines of the gridiron.

His athletic talent led Brown to Carolina, where he was a three-year starter at center, and then to the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens and St. Louis Rams.

But it was that drive to make an impact, rooted in his upbringing and fostered at Carolina, that led Brown to leave football at the age of 28 and instead cultivate a 1,000-acre farm to combat food insecurity in North Carolina.

“At Carolina, it just gave me a sense that I wanted to make an impact,” he said. “When you’re there, you have a sense that you want to be a part of something special — no matter who you are. When you leave, you wanted to do the same thing. You want to be a part of something special and you want to do something special out in the world to make an impact.”

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