Our Heels Never Drag

The impact of Carolina Athletics is undeniable. When many people think about North Carolina, our distinctive blue uniforms might even be the first thing that comes to mind.

The state and University take great pride in the Tar Heels. It’s an honor to support them; to provide a competitive edge on the field and opportunities off it. That’s what The Rams Club has done for nearly 80 years. Teamwork is essential to the

Carolina experience. Because of this, The Rams Club supports educational and athletic opportunities across 28 sports. The goal: use athletics as a catalyst for leadership. The Baddour Carolina Leadership Academy epitomizes this ethos. It’s the nation’s premier college athletics leadership development program, training students through interactive workshops, one-on-one coaching and peer mentoring.

Producing more than just great athletes, Carolina produces amazing people, who become leaders, teachers, makers and thinkers, who compete at the highest level in every endeavor.

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