Perfectly Pitched for Success

Mary leaning against a wall, smiling

From perfect pitch to pitching news stories, Mary King ’21 has done it all. The North Carolina native knew she had an innate talent — perfect pitch, identifying or re-creating a given musical note upon hearing it without the benefit of a reference tone, is a rare ability few are born with. But a summer internship at Indy Week in Charlotte lured her to the world of journalism. A Stemblar Scholar and recipient of a Robert G. Quincy ’44 Memorial Scholarship, Mary plans to enjoy a work/life balance that includes both music and writing, and she’s well on her way after an internship with Red Ventures led to an editorial position.

Mary loves to write about topics that are not broadly discussed or are considered “niche,” such as wild mushrooms, turtle necropsy, and chess. Her experience extends from being an editor to being a reporter.

“I’m a writer who can’t stop editing,” Mary said. “And a singer who can’t stop singing.”

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