Public Policy: The Value of Expertise

Eddie Caldwell needed a reliable source—fast—and on a Saturday. An uncontrollable forest fire raged in western North Carolina, and local officials needed to understand state evacuation procedures. Caldwell, executive vice president and general counsel for the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association, went to the UNC School of Government website, where he found a blog post on emergency management law by faculty member Norma Houston. Acting on Houston’s expertise, Caldwell delivered the information his sheriffs needed to enforce the evacuation orders.

Our school continues to demonstrate the value our experts bring to the state. With faculty who are recognized leaders in more than 250 topical areas of North Carolina local government law and practice, we are the single trusted resource for the most up-to-date and reliable research findings, conference presentations, blogs, books, programs, and training.

And now we are taking that value another step forward with ncIMPACT. This public policy initiative, built on decades of experience providing real-time information to officials throughout the state, is our response to the rapidly growing challenges they face. By working closely with policymakers and other leaders, ncIMPACT supplies evidence-based options and creative policy insights that inform responses to the most important questions and issues. Currently in its infancy, this unique data and analysis tool has incredible potential but will depend on private funding from donors like you to be successful.

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