A Red, White and Carolina Blue Challenge

“We are excited to be able to honor our fathers and our families by establishing this program to benefit the children of military service members who wish to attend UNC-Chapel Hill and who qualify for the Carolina Covenant. Too often, we forget the many sacrifices made by the families of the military and we hope this program will, in some small way, say thank you to those families.”

Steve and Debbie Vetter know the struggles that Carolina’s students from military families face.

They both grew up with fathers serving in the Marines. When they came to the University, their parents helped when they could, but Steve and Debbie both struggled to make it through financially. They worked full time and went to classes.

Now, the Vetters are helping students in the same situation by donating $20 million to need-based aid for the children of service men and women. The donation will support military dependents who qualify for the Carolina Covenant.

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The Vetters have challenged the Carolina community to double their commitment, resulting in more than $40 million to help the University’s military dependents. The Red, White and Carolina Blue Challenge will run through October 2019.

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