Returning the Favor

Jacqueline Charles ’94 hasn’t been a stranger to Chapel Hill since her graduation.

The Pulitzer Prize finalist, Emmy-award winning, Distinguished Alumna Awardee will be returning to Carolina to speak to the UNC School of Media and Journalism 2019 graduates in May.  

“It’s a chance for me to give back to a school that has given me so much,” she shared. “I had great professors who continued to encourage me even after I graduated.”

Charles remembers the impact visiting journalists had on her as a student at the school, and how she’d dream of a future journalism career and the opportunity to be invited back to share what she’d learned with students on campus.

“Journalism today is changing,” Charles noted recently. “Today I am not just a reporter, but I am a multimedia journalist. I intend to not only change with the times, but to continue to do what I do”

“Carolina is not only where I honed my skills as a reporter,” Charles added,  “but it’s where I learned the power of activism. I learned early on that I can indeed change things.”

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