Snake pendulum fuses art and science


“Art can be a way to make science more accessible to everyone.” –Francesca Bernardi, Ph.D. candidate in mathematics

As UNC celebrated arts on campus with Arts Everywhere Day on April 7, 2017, two professors teamed up to create the perfect mashup of arts and science—a giant snake pendulum.

“The motion they make together is the artistic part, but underlying that, it’s all science,” said Christian Iliadis, chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. “It’s gravity, tension, energy, linear momentum, air drag, friction. You see symmetry, but where is the symmetry coming from? It’s all equations.”

One of the components of Carolina’s new “Creating Scientists” Quality Enhancement Plan focuses on integrating the arts and humanities with science courses to provide critical thinking skills and an understanding of the myriad ways in which science and culture are intertwined.

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