Social Work through a Global Lens

As a pioneer in global intervention research and director of Carolina’s Global Social Development Innovations (GSDI) research center, Gina Chowa’s influence extends far beyond the Chapel Hill community.

Chowa launched GSDI to train social workers for global practice and to bring together an interdisciplinary team of researchers and scholars to produce evidence, develop interventions and impact policy to improve the economic and social welfare of women, youth and their families around the world.

“At the core, GSDI is about bringing social justice and bringing solutions to historically marginalized populations,” Chowa said. “We can’t do this alone. If you go it alone, you might think you’re solving something, but you’re just scratching the surface. That’s why I always say the biggest impact is done in teams.”

GSDI’s team of professors, graduate students, and University scholars brings a wealth of global experience to the table.

“This multilevel expertise is so important as we tackle issues that have global social, health and economic implications,” says team member Rainier Masa. “Whether the issues are in North Carolina or abroad, GSDI approaches these challenges with the same focus.”

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