Standing Against Racism

Racism talks

Given both long-standing commitments and the events of this past year, Carolina has recently updated its strategic plan, Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good, to prioritize a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community through the Build Our Community Together Initiative. 

“For Build Our Community Together, we had focused so much on being physically together,” said interim chief diversity officer Sibby Anderson-Thompkins. “COVID-19 really gave us the opportunity to dig deeper and explore what it means to feel connected or to be part of the community and flesh that out in a much deeper and important way.”

Several activities are underway across campus to address this initiative. Schools, departments and faculty members, such as Evan Ashkin, M.D., professor of family medicine at UNC School of Medicine, are working together to expand knowledge and understanding of racism and advance racial equity.

“We will never be able to address equity in a meaningful way if we are unable to address structural racism in our society and our institutions,” said Ashkin.

Read the complete Carolina Story to learn more about activities on campus that seek to address racial equity in meaningful ways…

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