Student Entrepreneurship

The Morehead-Cain Give Together Scholarship Challenge supports Morehead-Cain Scholars like Varun Jain ’21.

“I’m incredibly grateful to be both a student here at Carolina and an entrepreneur,” said Jain. “It enables me to make sure that what I learn in school really complements what I’m doing outside of the classroom.”

Jain is the CEO and co-founder of Veera, a technology company focused on the democratization of cold storage in the fresh food supply chain in developing countries. 

“Currently in India, the distribution channel for farmers to be able to get their produce out to market involves them having very little power. My hope for Veera is to be able to touch at least 20 farming communities by connecting them to our rural distribution network that we’re building out and providing them with access to cold storage.”

Even though balancing his schoolwork and his startup is always a challenge, Jain said learning how to run a business while he’s still a student with fewer financial responsibilities and less risk makes the intense schedule worthwhile.

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